Bathing / Baths

Tell me about Toei hot springs source!

Toei hot springs source of mining in 1965,
In order to supply stable amounts of hot water to the other 6 sources and regions,
It has been hot-watered by the central hot spring management business since Showa 50.
(Now privatized)

Yuzawa Toei Hotel’s bath facility is It is a space
where you can feel the real thrill of hot springs with your skin.
Hot springs are used in conjunction with “hanging flow” + “circulation type”
Always keeping it clean and fresh.

What is large rock Mountain Faith?

Joetsu largest open air large rock bath Joetsu.

Although it is a rock, it is not a rock that is rolling in that stone.
The outdoor bath on the male side uses large rock from Karasumiyama which is the Ichinomiya in Japan.
The open-air bath on the women’s side uses a Large rocks of Mt Hakkai from Large rocks of Mt Hakkai famous mountain in Japan.
It is a very grateful rock.

The outdoor bath is surrounded by rocks,
There is a real pleasure as if you are taking a bath in a hot spring in the mountain.

Spacious bathing space without ceiling, you can enjoy full sky starry sky at night,
You can enjoy Yukimi outdoor bath.

Can I take a bath in a day trip?

One adult 1,500 yen, child 700 yen (tax included),
You can take a bath with a face towel.
Bath towels are charged (200 yen, tax included).

Available from 12:30 pm to 20:00.

Is the hot spring facility hanging out?

Yuzawa Toei Hotel’s Hot Springs are “circulation type”.
Both man, woman and outdoor bath are large bathtubs, so we use a circulation formula to keep it clean and appropriate temperature.

Yuzawa Toei Hotel’s Hot Springs management of Yuzawa Toei Hotel’s Hot Springs is as follows.

[Addition of water] Because it has high source temperature, I am adding water.
[Warming] It is warming to keep it at the temperature suitable for bathing.
[Circulation device] For the protection of hot spring resources and sanitation management, I use a circulation filtration device.
[Hygiene management] I use medicines for hygiene control.

What is the amenity of the public bath?

In the public bath, dryer, shampoo rinse, body soap,
Cotton swabs and tonics (Hot Spring bath only) are placed.

Bathing towels etc are prepared in the room.

Do you have a family bath?

There is no family bath, private bath.
There is a separate bathroom with a shower in the room.
Body soap and shampoo rinse are installed in the bathroom.

Is there an outdoor bath?

There is the largest male and female open air large rock bath large open air large rock bath (hot spring) in the prefecture.
It is popularly popular with a huge variety of hundreds of rocks stacked up.
For men, Large rocks of Mt Chokai is used, and for women, Large rocks of Mt Hakkai is used.

[Hot Spring Qualities]
Simple hot spring (Weakly alkaline·Low note·Hot spring) / source, 58.8 degrees

Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Motor paralysis, Joint stiffness,
A bunch, Awkward, Chronic gastrointestinal disease, Hemorrhoid, Coldness, Recovery period after illness,
Fatigue recovery, Health promotion, scratch, burn, chronic skin disease, weak children,
Chronic lady disease etc.